Airport’s Masterplan Consultation 2018 – 2037

Please note the public consultation closed on 31st May 2018.

Here you will find the full draft Masterplan consultation document and the interim consultation summary report. Following the conclusion of our 10 week public consultation ending on 31st May, an interim report on the consultation has now been published that outlines the activities undertaken throughout the consultation period and provides a summary of the feedback received.

Link to view and download Interim Consultation Summary Report

Link to view and download Masterplan Consultation document

Link to view and download Masterplan Summary leaflet

Link to view and download Masterplan Summary leaflet – key benefits

What happens next?

All of the feedback received during the public consultation will be carefully considered in finalising the Masterplan.

Once the final Masterplan is complete, a Consultation Report will be published that will include a more detailed summary of the comments received alongside a response to these comments from Doncaster Sheffield Airport.  The final Masterplan is expected to be published towards the end of 2018.

What is a Masterplan and why did we publish it for public consultation?

An Airport Masterplan sets out how the airport and its wider site will grow and develop into the long term future.  An airport typically looks to update its plan within a ten year period so providing a clear picture as to how the airport will develop and how any impacts will be managed.

We take it incredibly seriously that everyone in our local community, our stakeholders and those further afield, gets the opportunity to see, comment and shape our plans.  Only by working in partnership with those that travel with us, operate from us, businesses, our local community and our stakeholders can we achieve the great things that DSA is capable of for the prosperity of our region.

The plan provides illustrative and realistic plans to outline the development and growth of the airport for passengers, cargo, general aviation, commercial and residential developments on the wider site.

The Masterplan sets out the land required to meet the level of development and ensure it is planned in a sustainable and balanced manner.

Developing airports takes a collective will across many different parties so to have clear public support from those that use it and are within close proximity is vital to making it happen.

The public consultation has now closed, you are welcome to still send views and comments on the Masterplan to which we would gladly receive.  However we cannot guarantee that they will be accommodated within the final Masterplan. Responses can be received by email to

How far have we come as an airport?

We opened our doors for the very first time in 2005, the first commercial airport to open in the UK over 50 years. The airport has seen itself through tough times and recovered strongly from a slowing of growth during the economic recession. Today we are one of the fastest growing airports in the UK serving 55 destinations, having grown 50% over the last three years in passengers and seen strong growth in our cargo operations launched in 2011.

We are ever investing in our terminal product, infrastructure and accessibility of the airport and are pleased to see this regular recognised externally, most recently by Which? Magazine as the best airport in the UK under 10 million passengers and by Saga Holidays.  In the last two years we have seen the opening of the Great Yorkshire Way link road, transforming the access to the airport and bringing many wider benefits with it. We are deeply committed to continually investing and ensuring our customers, staff and partners are in the most safe, efficient and welcoming environment.