Northern lights available at peak time

Passengers from South Yorkshire’s airport have the chance to catch the northern lights at their most colourful.

A special flight from Doncaster Sheffield Airport will allow people to take in the famous solar spectacle at their peak time in March.

BBC astronomer Peter Lawrence, famous for his role on The Sky at Night, will be sharing his wisdom as the flight, which is a three hour long round trip, heads north into Aurora Borealis territory over the Atlantic and North Sea.

The flight, which departs March 13 at 9pm, will occur when the northern lights are expected to be on display. Solar cycles are predicted to be at their most active during 2013 in March between 10 and 11pm, so it’s likely that passengers will see the solar display in full bloom.

Kate Stow, from Doncaster Sheffield Airport said:

“This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the northern lights in their full glory. People who have always fantasised about seeing them now have the chance – and it’s peak time so they shouldn’t be left disappointed.

“Doncaster Sheffield is pleased to be able to offer these flights to passengers from across the Yorkshire region who want to experience something different – it should be a tour to remember!

“The well known experts will be on hand to share their astronomical knowledge and passion for the northern lights. The solar cycles work on an 11-year basis so this could be one of the last chances to see them properly for a while.”

Peter Lawrence and Lincolnshire-based Paul Money ( will provide their expert knowledge on the flight and during an hour-long presentation before departure.

Peter is regarded as a world class astrophotographer with many of his images published in books and online across the world.

Paul speaks regularly on radio Lincolnshire and is the review editor for the BBC Sky At Night magazine.

During the flight passengers will be asked to rotate seats to ensure everyone has a chance to see the solar display.

Omega Holidays are offering the package for £199.95, which includes all taxes, VAT, light refreshments and the services of an Omega tour manager.

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