Car parking

Drop off & pick up

What am I, a taxi?

If you’re reading this you’re either a taxi driver, good friend or long suffering member of the family. Whichever it is, we’d like to thank you for safely taking passengers to or from us and give you some advice on what to do when you get here.

Closest to the action

For drop-off and pick-up you can park right outside the terminal from just £2 for up to 15 minutes*.

Simply follow the drop-off and pick up signs when you drive in, take a ticket from the barrier and pay by cash or card on your way out.

Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop-off and pick-up lane. 

*Please be advised additional charges apply for longer stays, as follows:

Up to 15 minutes – £2.00

16 – 30 minutes – £5.00

30 – 60 minutes – £7.00

1 – 2 hours – £12.00

Every hour thereafter – £10.00

15 minutes free

Alternatively you can pull up in our short stay car park. It’s only a few minutes’ walk away from the terminal and it’s completely free for 15 minutes.

Where not to park

Finally, a quick word on what not to do. For the safety of all our visitors, parking on the approach roads to the airport is strictly prohibited.

Picking up or dropping off passengers in these areas is dangerous, and for that reason we strongly advise all visitors to drop off and pick up in our designated areas.

You can have 15 minutes in our short stay car park for free, or for just £2 you can drop off and pick up right outside the terminal.

If you still decide to park on the approach roads, it is likely you will incur a parking charge notice (PCN) of £60. These notices are not issued by the airport and are out of our control.