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On the northern bank of the Bega River, it's the third largest city in Romania. This characterful city, with its secessionist architecture, is considered the cultural, economic and social centre of western Romania.

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Built around a series of beautifully restored public squares, parks and gardens, it’s the perfect base to explore the Banat region. Often referred to as the ‘Little Vienna’, Timisoara has an expansive arts scene, including year-round theatrical and musical performances; it’s not surprising it boasts a lively nightlife too. The mild climate and compact city attractions – Unirii Square, Piata Victoriei and Muzeul de Arta - make it the ideal place to explore on foot, with plenty of atmospheric river-side and rooftop bars that are well worth a visit. However, the delightful array of restaurants serving traditional Romanian dishes such as goulash and polenta, are worth setting aside some quality time.
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