Flight No. From Sche. Scheduled Expe. Expected Status
W63015 Bucharest 20:20 20:02 Flight landed at 20:02 8:04 pm 18/10/18
W61015 Katowice 20:45 20:30 Estimated 8:30 pm 18/10/18
BE4484 Belfast City 21:10 21:10
Flight No. To Scheduled Expected Status
W63016 Bucharest 20:55 20:55 Boarding 7:03 pm 18/10/18
W61016 Katowice 21:15 21:15
TOM3526 Reus 06:00 06:00


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Kittilä Finland

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Doncaster Sheffield


From the news desk

Special arrival welcomed at airport as charity touches down

Friday September 14, 2018

There was a special arrival at Doncaster Sheffield Airport when the national Children’s Air Ambulance charity landed at its new designated airbase from where it will launch missions to help to save young lives.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport reveals confident new Easy Friendly Relaxed brand

Friday September 14, 2018

Following a series of recent national awards voted for by its passengers, Doncaster Sheffield Airport has today revealed its new ‘Easy, friendly, relaxed’ brand, to reflect its growing reputation as the UKs favourite airport.
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